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A Celtic Lover's Magic by Lisa Alexander-Griffin
A modern day warrior’s destiny collides with that of the ancient Celtic underworld. Will Liam and Caileaan’s love survive the chaotic battle between darkness and light?
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An Apprentice's Touch by Mary Winter

Teryn Windhorn, local mage, patrolled an area too large for him to handle. Stretched to his magical and physical limits, the Mage Council demanded he find an apprentice. Still, the past haunted him with the images of a beautiful young woman pressed to far beyond her skills and her teacher who should have seen, her teacher who should have saved her life.

Jendaya Carinella lived, worked, and fought magical beasts alone. It was, after all, what the bastard daughter of a mage, cast off from her own village had to do. Until a magical fight left her wounded and brought Teryn to find her.

Training her became imperative. Loving her, unavoidable. And one act of courage could finally show him the partner he needed. If he can only believe in an apprentice's touch.

Note: This book was previously released under the title HIS MAGICAL STUDENT. This work has been revised and somewhat changed from the original version.

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