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Scarlett Jonstone


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Bound by Love by Scarlett Jonstone
Betty loves Will with all her heart and can’t wait to marry him. But her happiness is dampened when her father makes the assumption that she’s in a family way.

Betty’s career has always meant the world to her, but now she has the chance to have a family, something she never thought possible. Will Betty be able to figure out a way to balance a family and a career? Or will the traditionalism of the 50’s make her pick one?

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Something More by Scarlett Jonstone
Winner of the Rekindled Contest held in conjunction with Avoid Writer's Hell

Betty Lewis thought she would never see her high school boyfriend, Will Walker, again after she had dumped him and refused to tutor him anymore in biology. Imagine her surprise when he shows up as the new doctor in the same practice where she is the chief nurse more than a decade later.

Will had always pressed Betty to the edge of her sexuality in their youth and immediately sets about doing it again. But this time around, Betty wants something more. Something more than just lust. Betty wants love… or nothing. Can the stirrings of old lust turn into the fires of lasting love?

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