Submission Guidelines

If you believe love is beautiful thing then Pink Petal Books wants to hear from you!

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Pink Petal Books publishes romance novels. We publish all sub-genres (including BBW, I/R, paranormal, M/M, historical, contemporary, fantasy, suspense, all of it!) and all heat levels (from sweet to super-hot erotic). We believe no matter what form it takes that love is beautiful thing and we want our authors to embody this philosophy in their writing.

Our books focus primarily on the relationship between the characters (regardless of gender or number) and each story is unique to the characters and the journey they make to finding love and happiness.

We understand that as an author you have many choices when it comes to publishers. Here’s why you should publish with Pink Petal Books:

  • We pay 40% royalties on the cover price. For sales through our own suite of websites, we do not deduct anything from the sales price or the royalties. We pay on gross. 
  • For sales through third party vendors, we pay 40% of what the publisher receives from the vendor.
  • All books which meet sales goals (email for more details) and are over 50,000 words will go into print. Shorter works by the same author which meet sales goals may be combined into print versions.
  • We have a multi-layered print plan.
  • We pay royalty of 10% on cover price for print books regardless of sales outlet.
  • Our contract terms are simple and easy to understand. We only ask for the rights that we’re going to use, and yes, we will negotiate on contract terms.
  • We are listed as a non-vanity, non-subsidy publisher with RWA.

To see more benefits, read about how we value our authors.

What do we want?

Pink Petal Books seeks romance novels from 15,000-100,000 words in all sub-genres and with all heat levels. Our books focus on the romance, so give us stories about characters who we want to fall in love. Sexual content should be appropriate to the story and the characters. We will never ask you to add more sex for the sake of adding sex.

We do not want stories that contain bestiality, necrophilia, incest (including twincest), underage characters, bodily fluids used as sexual titillation (blood in the case of vampires can be considered an exception, but it must fit in with the story. No gore please.), or rape.

To have your work considered for publication please email a cover letter, synopsis, and first three chapters to

Please only submit/query for complete works. If your submission is an exclusive one (The manuscript is only out to us at the moment.), PLEASE let us know in the cover letter. We do welcome previously published works. If you have any questions, please use the email address or the Contact Us form on this website.

A Note About Simultaneous Submissions

Previously the policy at Pink Petal Books was not to accept simultaneous submissions. And honestly, we prefer exclusive submissions. Our turn around time is approximately two weeks, so we can assure you we will make a thorough, yet timely, decision on your manuscript. Reviewing a manuscript is more than reading it. There may be other considerations, or we may need to consult with other departments. However, should you wish to make a simultaneous submission, you may, so long as these guidelines are followed.

1) You must inform us in the cover letter that the manuscript is a simultaneous submission.
2) You must make us aware in any change in the manuscript's status, as soon as possible. At this time, you may indicate if you wish to withdraw your manuscript or wait for our reply. We hope you will want to wait, and we'll let you know how long it may take.

An ADDITIONAL benefit of Pink Petal Books

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NOTE: It is not a requirement for authors to use our hosting service. We are simply offering this as one more way to help our authors with their marketing presence by creating an economical way to have a professional web presence.

Special Lines

In The Saddle

These are stories which focus on equestrian activities, such as cowboys, english riding, mounted police officers, etc. We welcome books for this line, which meet our regular submission guidelines. Please indicate in your cover letter that you wish us to consider your manuscript for this special project.


These are books where the storyline revolves around a sex toy. The toy must play an integral role to the story. We welcome novellas from 15,000-35,000 words for this project. Please indicate if you are submitting a story for our Playtime line.

Spellbound Treasure

We will be opening up this shared world to submissions later in 2011. Please visit the website for more information.

Pentacle Petals

Pagan inspirational romances. These are regular romance releases, which will feature pagan or Wiccan beliefs at their center. Characters may convert during the course of the book or start out and remain pagan or Wiccan. However, any conversion must be realistic to the character and to the situation. All regular guidelines apply including the following:

1. Do you research. Yes, there are a multitude of traditions, Pantheons, and craft ways out there, but that doesn't mean you don't have to do your research. Be as close as you can to reality.

2. No love spells. Seriously. (Not only is manipulative magic not part of the rule of three, but really, love spells do not end in happily ever after. Usually they end up with balding guys with bad hygiene who kiss like dead fish.)

3. No Christian or other religion bashing. In fact, let's widen it out to include no intolerance or hatred at all. Thank you.

4. Religion doesn't have to be heavy handed no matter the spiritual tradition. It's okay if the pagan or Wiccan content is lightly used. If it's too light for this line, we could always consider it as a regular release.

Any questions, please ask. Thanks!