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A Very Cougar Christmas by Lex Valentine
Nikki Crawford's Christmas Eve birthday was her worst ever. Turning forty without a single person to celebrate with has Nikki feeling like a loser at life. When UPS delivers a package for Nikki to her sexy younger next door neighbor, she gets a birthday present she never bargained for. Vincent Warfield delivers Nikki's package and finds her crying. With his protective instincts in overdrive, Vince sets out to convince the shy beauty that she's not a loser. When Nikki puts her pride on the line and asks Vince to stay, passion explodes between them. Can Vince prove to Nikki that life is wonderful if you just open your heart to the possibilities?

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Christmas Wishes by Lex Valentine

Bradley Marsh is spending Christmas with his sister Devon and her husband Jared. In the past, he managed to avoid the holidays at Forbes Ranch. But now, he's there and faced with the woman he's wanted for eight long years. With his 30th birthday on the horizon and all his friends settling down, Brad's tired of being single and tired of yearning for a woman who doesn't know he exists. This year, his only wish is to make the woman of his dreams his own.

For years, Anne-Marie Mallory's mourned the death of her husband and high school sweetheart Danny. But more recently, she's had her eye on hunky younger man Brad Marsh even though she's sure his crush is because he feels sorry for her. She wishes Brad would stop seeing her as the grieving widow of a decorated war hero and start seeing her as a woman in her prime who needs a man like him to make her holiday - and her life - complete.

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Latin Rhythm by Tess MacKall
Beware of margarita-induced chitchat, or you may find yourself in search of a hot Latin hunk—which is exactly what happened to Laura Kincaid. Divorced, with grown children, she can’t quite picture herself dancing the salsa in Miami’s trendiest nightclub. But the moment she spots club owner, Marco Valazquez, the heat is on!

Literally swept off her feet by his sexy Latin accent and stunning good looks, Laura loses herself in the arms of the younger man.

Marco understands the pain of betrayal and wants nothing more than to teach Laura to trust again. And to love. She’s everything he’s ever dreamed of in a woman. There’s just one problem: Laura isn’t comfortable with their age difference, and that, along with a misunderstanding, tears them apart.

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